Planning to travel this summer? Here’s are some tips to enjoy it to the fullest

Planning to travel this summer? Here’s are some tips to enjoy it to the fullest
Summer is here and so is the insufferable heat! But why should that stop you from going out and exploring the world? Here’re a few tips for summer travel:

From packing summer friendly fabrics, to stocking up light snacks, there are many important things to keep in mind while planning a trip in summer, say experts.

Nivedita Dadu, dermatologist from Skinology Skin and Hair Clinic, and Anubha Singh, gynecologist and IVF expert from Shantah IVF Centre, list down some points.

Go easy with clothing

If you are planning a vacation during the hot months, go easy with what you wear. Pack more of cottons such as comfy pants, loose tops and a light pair of shoes to combat the heat outside. Don’t forget your sunglasses for eyes protection, always wear hat when stepping out in the morning and sun block your skin at any cost.

Skip street food

Street food is always amazing but in summer, please skip the oily and fried items as it will lead to dehydration and gastroenteritis. Instead, try to munch on cool, watery foods like cucumber and watermelon through the day. These will help you stay hydrated too.

Medicines are important too

Do not forget to carry some emergency medications like anti-emetics, anti-motility drugs and a few packets of oral rehydration powder. Also you can pack some acidity relief tablets for emergency.

Carry your favourite pillow:

To support your back if you are travelling by car, aircraft or bus.

Take a break often:

Do stop for restroom breaks, do light stretching in between so that you will not feel tired.

Drink water often if pregnant:

If you are pregnant, it is important to keep yourself hydrated and carry some light foods with you to eat in between so that you and your baby inside will not feel hungry. Eat before you are hungry, and drink before you become thirsty.

It is also important to talk to your gynecologist before you take a domestic or international trip to discuss safety factors for you and your baby.